Book: The Principles of Beautiful Web Design by Sitepoint

I have always been interested in how to make webpages and not just coding them with HTML, CSS and PHP. But, also to learn how to place the various components on a webpage like header, footer, menus, navigation and other stuff on a webpage and make it look great.

I have been reading this book called The Principles of Beautiful Web Design and is published by Sitepoint to see if it has the things I wanted to learn. It comes in both Kindle and Paperback version.

It has got some very good reviews on from other people like me what is not too graphical and more techie. Before this (e)book I used to read countless of websites within website design and still did not learn too much. This (e)book is one of the best buys so far and if you like to learn to create good webdesign you should buy it. It comes highly recommended by others buyers on

Sitepoint has some great books and ebooks for sale and I highly recommend them. I will probably get more (e)books from them later through this summer.

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