Email lists (newsletters)

What is a email list?
A email list is a service where you add your email address and starts to receive regular emails in your inbox with content which is mostly text (images to if you can receive HTML emails). Also called newsletters sometimes. The subject of the emails is mostly around a area of interest or a hobby or a niche. You might call it the email version of blogging. The response rate is better for advertisment than on websites due to the more trustful nature of the relationship between the subscriber and the owner of the email list.

The two most know email list providers areĀ and These are the two best services as far as I know. Plowing through discussion forum gives a imprecision that 90% use one of these two email list services.

Spam warning!
Please, do not fall for the temptation to send short crappy emails if you choose to start and run your own email list. I have a own Gmail account I use for email lists and it is full of crappy emails from wannabe Internet marketers who thinks they can quickly build a list and get rich fast. I recommend quality content and at least 500 words as a general rule.

The planning of content
I like to plan the sending of content. With that I mean pre-write the content. Write the same amount as you would for a blogpost. Save it to a text file called Email 01. The next call it Email 02. A simple title can be hooked on as “Email 01 – How to do this”. Do this until you have a year or two with content. The trick is you can (probably) reuse the content after two or (three) years. Because who can remember what they got back then as emails. Unless they store the emails in their Gmail account like I do and I do not delete any emails yet.

The Squeeze Page
The squeeze page is a simple webpage where you convince people to sign up for your email list in exchange for a free ebook or something similar. Or you can add a signup form to your blogs sidebar. Google came out with a algorithm update called “Panda” that made a lot of squeeze pages to drop in ranking because as their often one webpage, low content design. The result is that the marketers are adding more content to their squeeze pages to gain back the ranking. So try to be aware of that.

If you would like to try building yourself a email list and start to make money of it you will need knowledge on how to do that and below you will find some good ebooks and courses to buy. I recommend Dotcomsecrets X.

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