Make money on blogging

You have probably heard how some lucky people makes a good living from blogging. Well, you can do it too. It requires nothing more than a computer and a Internet connection. The “software” lays on a webserver and is available 24/7/365 from wherever you are in the world. Even on a airplane or a ship at sea as long as you have a satellite uplink.

What can I blog/write about?
Well, as long as you can write and have knowledge I would go for it. No need to sit and wait for better times. Start writing today about what you know, like your hobbies, interests and what you have done and can do with your hands. Believe you me, we have all have something to write about.

I blog because I like to make money on the Internet (or at least I try to make some money from the Internet). I write blogposts because then I have to do research for the content I need to write thus I learn by first reading about it and then writing about it. Cool, huh?.

Have passion for the topics you write about
One of the worst things is to write about boring and useless things what do not interest you at all. Think back to high school or college then you wrote boring term papers to be handed in and graded. Well, forget those times. Begin today to study other blogs within your area of interest and see what they are writing about. Make a list with topics you have good knowledge about and get down to the keyboard and hammer away.

If you need content from other places you have articles from article directories that you can rewrite or be inspired by at least. You’ll find good videos on Youtube on your topics you can easily embed in addition to your text. Images you can get from Flickr as Creative Commons that means they are free to use.

As you can see it is NO problem. You need to get started. That’s all. TODAY!.

I found some knowledge you can buy and start to learn how to profit from. You can buy and download these ebooks and courses today. John Chow is a veteran in the make money on blogging and he is a must have and learn from.

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