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Below on this webpage I have listed some of the top notch ebooks and courses along with the persons who wrote them within the money making niche on the Internet. Enjoy and please share this webpage.

  • John Chow
    • John Chow is living in Vancouver, in Canada.
    • He was a partner in a local Richmond printing company before his rise to fame on the net.
    • John Chow has a blog and there he took the blog from $350 per month
      to a over $27,000 per month in just one year.
    • John Chow ranked number one on Google for the keyword “make money online”.
      A proven evidence of his success on the Internet.
    • A interview with John Chow on Breakfast Television on CityTV
      in Vancouver on the 26 of March in 2008. A lot of good advices.
    • John Chow’s youtube channel.
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  • Jeremy Schoemaker, nicknamed “ShoeMoney“. (Wikipedia)
  • Chris Farrell
    • His internet coaching program called Chris Farrell Membership
      is voted no.1 in 2011/2012/2013. That’s 3 years in a row.
    • Chris Farrell started back in 2008 as a total newcomer.
    • He had a burning desire to make money.
    • It took Chris Farrell 6 months before he made anything.
    • After 6 months Chris Farrell made up to 250 US Dollars in profit on several separate days.
    • After 9 months Chris Farrell made up to 1000 US Dollars in profit on several separate days.
    • After 2 years after he started Chris Farrell made up to one MILLION in profit on his best days.
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  • Amy Porterfield
  • Brad Callen
  • Ed Dale

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