Sell your knowledge as ebooks on Amazon Kindle, part 1 – About Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle, what is what?
It is a an electronic book reader by You can buy and download to your e-reader a great collection of ebooks from any subject and content you want.

But, you can however read Amazon Kindle ebooks on a computer by using Amazon Kindle for PC software. See below for a screenshot of my copy of the Amazon Kindle for PC software with a collection of ebook I have on it. Also smartphones like Iphone and android phones has reading apps for Kindle ebooks. Ipads has app for reading Kindle ebooks too these days. So in total it is a lot of devices with reading capabilities out there in the world.

Screenshot of the Kindle for PC software

This is a screenshot of the Kindle for PC software.

So where can I find those ebooks I can use on Amazon Kindle?
I recommend you go to the main source itself: Amazon Kindle Store. Here you can search to see if anyone is selling information and knowledge about something you know about.

I am quite good at using and installing WordPress, so I ran a search to see if I found something. And I did. I notice some ebooks is quite small and easy in size. I am thinking about writing some to sell on Amazon Kindle store myself. And it is not difficult. It is easy then you know how to do it. And you will.

I’ll let some other people explain their Amazon Kindle businesses to you.

The one hour and twenty minute long video below is from Chris Lockwood where he explains his Kindle ebook business.

Another person who makes a good income is Ty Cohen.

Stay tuned for the next part…


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