Sell your knowledge as ebooks on Amazon Kindle, part 2 – Topics to write about

What topics can I write about?
Below is a short list from top of my head right now.

  • Like to cook? Food and beverage recipes is always a winner.
    Make them unique and not copied from the net.
  • Everything you need to start with a hobby you know a about.
  • Everything you need to start with a sport you know a about.
  • Everything you need to start with a pets you know a about.
  • Have children? Write about your experiences!.
  • Like to travel? Write a travel journal with tips and advices.

After find a topic to write about, start by planing the list of chapters first. This way you will better see your content and can split the writing up in smaller chucks. And also jump in between chapters if you get bored writing one chapter.

A great tip I got from the Internet was to NOT write a long ebook, but split the content into smaller parts and spread them over several ebooks.

Another good tip is to solve a problem for the reader.

Great Kindle topics for 2013:

  • Technology:
    • Java programming
    • HTML 5
    • CSS 3
  • Health niche:
    • Pregnancy diet
    • Anxiety management
    • Yoga for beginners
    • Anti inflammatory diet
  • Children & kids:
    • Riddles for kids
    • Jokes for kids
  • Crafts & hobbies:
    • Sewing
    • Quilting
    • Scrap booking
  • Home & gardening:
    • Vegetable gardening
    • Vegetable container gardening
    • Indoor gardening
    • Greenhouse gardening
    • Raised bed gardening

I found a couple of videos on Youtube might give a insight further on.

Stay tuned for the next part…

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