Sell your knowledge as ebooks on Amazon Kindle, part 3 – Writing and formatting the Amazon Kindle ebook

How do I write my first ebook and publish it in Amazon Kindle Store?
Easy! Just start up your favorite text editor. You can save your ebook in a various of file formats before uploading it to the Amazon Kindle Store. The file formats that are accepted is: Word (DOC or DOCX), HTML (ZIP, HTM, or HTML), ePub (EPUB), Plain Text (TXT), Rich Text Format (RTF),  or Adobe PDF (PDF).

 Some tips I picked up on how to write for a Amazon Kindle device:

  • Don’t use any headers, footers or page number.
  • Bullet point list might drop out of alligment.
  • Don’t use any CTRL + ENTER for new page. Just write a flowing continuous text.
  • Titles should be named as this <MAIN TITLE> – <SUB TITLE>.
    Example: Trout fishing – How to find the best fishing spots in lakes and rivers.
    Remember to use keywords like in the example showing “fishing”, “trout”, “spots”, “lake”, “rivers” in the title of your ebook and in the Amazon Kindle sales page at Do some searches on what you would search for and see what shows up.
  • Amazon estimates that the average size of a Kindle book are around 2 KB per page, including the cover image and any internal images. But, this is just average numbers. It is not a requirement or a recommendation. The maximum file size is 50 MB.
  • Amazon is creating paragraph indents for ebooks without them.
  • You can embed links in your Amazon kindle ebook as long as they are not affiliate links.

The number of word you need to write on a Amazon kindle ebook:
A rumor goes around the Internet that Amazon has set a 2500 word limit. But, according to Amazon it is not true at all. They state: “There is no minimum or maximum word limit for publishing a Kindle book via Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)“.

But, remember: Write QUALITY ebooks…!!!

If you need a own text editor to write a Kindle ebook, I found a video from Youtube describing a editor below.

You can buy it for 47 US Dollar from the ad below. I am getting it for myself.

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Stay tuned for the next part…

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