Sell your knowledge as ebooks on Amazon Kindle, part 4 – Images inside and the cover image

All ebooks has a compelling cover (or at least try to have) to show off on the sales page in Amazon Kindle store. I believe that you need to have a great cover image because it gives a good first impression on your Amazon Kindle ebook and it will boost your sales figures. I have dug up some good examples in the Amazon Kindle store and embedded them below. I have also split them into different categories as Amazon have. Images inside the ebook however has it’s own set of rules to follow.

Amazon 70% royalty option
IF you have your ebook in this royalty section you need to be aware that Amazon charges a fee per MB every time your book is downloaded. The current cost in the U.S. is $0.15 per MB, and there are other rates for sales in other countries/languages. Updated costs here.

Images inside the ebook:

  • Kindle devices support GIF, BMP, JPEG, and PNG images in the content. But, I would stick to GIF, PNG and JPEG since this is images formats used on the Internet and is well known.
  • JPEG photos should have a image quality on at least 40.
  • Since your ebook will be viewed on the screen the DPI should not exceed 72.
  • Maximum image file size should not exceed 127 KB each.
  • GIF is recommended for illustrations and logos while JPEG is recommended for photos.
  • Even if the Kindle versions before Kindle Fire is only 16 shades of gray or black/white you should use color images because the Amazon Kindle apps are supporting colors.
  • The 2 alignments left and right are not supported so the text will NOT wrap around the image.

Cover image specifications:

  • Ideal cover image width/height ratio is 1.6.
  • Minimum shortest side (width) is 625 pixels.
  • Minimum longest side (height) is 1000 pixels.
  • Maximum shortest side (width) is 1563 pixels.
  • Maximum longest side (height) is 2500 pixels.
  • No mentions of file size, but this image is supposed to be on the Amazon webserver as a product image for your ebook and the web servers are huge.

You will need a cover image to use as a image on the Amazon Kindle Store. it is not difficult to find. Just use a representable photo of your self or a situation or object your ebook is about. I have listed some examples below that I found on Amazon Kindle Store.

The cover image you upload are embedded in the ebook on the Amazon server as the first page as far as I know.

Food recipes:


As you can see a cover image is not a problem. This is easily made in Adobe Photoshop or Gimp. And you can always buy the photo you will need from a image bank on the Internet like for example.

Stay tuned for the next part…

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