Sell your knowledge as ebooks on Amazon Kindle, part 6 – Price setting

How do I choose the right price for my Amazon Kindle ebook?
Price setting of Amazon Kindle ebooks are not easy, but I have done some research on the Internet and will give you a overview below.

I found a great video on Youtube describing the two levels of royalty.

Amazon operates with 2 levels of pricing on the Kindle ebooks. It is 35% and 70%. And no you can not give a ebook for free. Minimum price is 99 US cent.

  • 35% royalty
    • Price range: From 99 US cent and up to whatever you want
    • Can only sell the ebook in selected countries.
    • Includes the delivery cost.
    • Lending is optional.
    • Great if you have a low sales volume a month.
  • 70% royalty
    • Price range: From 2.99 US Dollars to 9.99 US Dollars.
    • Can sell the ebook worldwide/global.
    • Delivery cost: 15 US cent per Megabyte.
    • Lending is NOT optional.
    • Great if you have a high sales volume a month.

Be careful of the 99 cent range:
A lot of the 99 cent Amazon Kindle ebooks are not up the standards they should be therefore more and more people avoid them.

Price matching:
If Amazon finds out you are selling your ebook cheaper some place else on the Internet, they will lower the price on your ebook with them to the same price.

Stay tuned for the next part…

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