Sell your knowledge as ebooks on Amazon Kindle, part 7 – Marketing your Amazon Kindle ebooks

How do I advertise my ebooks in the Amazon Kindle Store?
Easy! You advertise them by using

So how do I market my newly written Amazon Kindle ebooks?
You have as show below the following options:

  • Try to use KDP select, give the ebook for free for 3-5 days to get reviews.
  • Reviews are important for increasing the sales.
  • If you have a blog with readers, share your ebook.
  • It looks like Saturday and Sunday are the best days for publishing your ebook.
  • The worst days are Monday and Tuesday as far as I understand.

Some websites that might help you market your ebook:

I found some videos on Youtube on selling more Amazon Kindle ebooks below.

And this was the last part…

I have found some Kindle ebooks if you want to read more about make money on writing Amazon Kindle ebooks for sale on Amazon Kindle store.

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