Write your own ebook and sell it

We all have a lot of knowledge and information about our favorite subjects, hobbies and interests. So why not write a ebook or three and try to sell them? Amazon have it’s Kindle, Barnes & Nobles it’s Nook and a lot of people is already writing about their hobbies, interests, sex fantasies, problems and how they solved them and so on.

I believe it is 3 categories one can make money in then it comes to (e)books. (e)Books can be for information and knowledge purposes like how to solve specific problems or just for entertainment like fantasy stories. But, you also have a combination like traveling stories from peoples who travels a lot. They tend to write about their experiences and it both information and entertainment.

Been trough a divorce? Just been married? Just gave birth to children? Like to fish salmon?
Well? When write about it! You will loose more if you sit there and wait. Just start today and plan the chapters. If you split your book into a good structure with chapters, it is easier to write the parts needed. The secret is to divide the work up in smaller chunks and it will become easier to write it.

Talk to your family and friends and ask them to contribute content to your ebook. I bet most will do that, even for free just to have their names mentioned. If you still need content, visit related blogs and discussion forums and read what other people are writing about. You will not be empty for ideas or topics.

What do I need to write an ebook?
Easy! A computer, a texteditor software, and a Internet connection. I prefer OpenOffice or LibreOffice since they are free and is similar to Microsoft Office. And you can save the text document directly into PDF.

Where do I sell it?
You can sell it on eBay.com, Clickbank.com, Kindle Store or in your own webshop. Other people can in some cases become affiliates and give you more sales by advertising your ebook on their behalf, but you will need to share the profit with them.

Sounds interesting? Well, put your thinking cap on and get cracking…!!!

I sniffed up some good knowledge as shown below that you can invest in. I would try those!.

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