Successful Amazon Kindle authors

I guess you probably already have read about these people below. But, to point out the obvious. These are ordinary people who become best selling Amazon Kindle authors because they never gave up and worked hard writing content to upload to the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for sale.

Ordinary people as successful Amazon Kindle authors list
The main reason for making a list like this is to show that ordinary people like you and me can actually write our own ebooks and upload them to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for sale. The market is there and it is FREE to upload and list your ebooks in the Amazon Kindle store. Buyer pays for the cost when he/she buys your ebook.

Remember, it will require some work as in writing. But, do not give up. If they could do it, you can. Think on it as a fun hobby. Do not feel any pressure. It will effectively stop your creative stream of thoughts. Be positive. Let the imagination lead you forward. This is what I do when I write fiction. Non-fiction is written as I pull stuff from the Internet and just compile it together to one text.

First out is…

A random selection of Amanda Hocking’s ebooks on below.

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